Celebrating the Spring Equinox

Celebrating the Spring Equinox

The Spring Equionx has come upon us-

I write this sitting in our garden basking in the warm sun, the birds are busy and tulips are poking through, Well the one that didn’t get knobble’d by our ever escaping sheep.

We have spent the weekend making pasta and gorging on wild garlic.

It feels like the right time to introduce you to our new collection. The collection focuses on deceptively simple pieces, grounded in form and function with a cut, drape and volume that take their everyday function to a new place.

Inspired by the combination of our lives here in Dorset. We have a piece of land that no doubt we will spend the rest of our lives working on. Everywhere we look there are jobs to be done wild bits to cut back, seeds to be sewn and sheep to attempt to corral into one spot. We have Castle Milk Moorits that are a primitive breed, wanderers by nature. They pay little heed to any fencing we put up.

These are pieces that we wear daily, pieces that are for working in and for the other parts of our lives which working in the city when required, juggling our two small wildling children. Pieces that you can throw on but make you feel considered and comfortable. Large, reinforced pockets for tools and deep dress and skirt pockets, sleeves that can be buttoned up to the top of your arms.

I am constantly drawn to design of objects that are functional and their utter beauty in that. The apron featured quite heavily in this collection trousers that wrapped that allow movement and but with a cut that feels refined and elevated. The dress and skirt allow you to tie them to the front or back. I am drawn to the subversive power or secret pockets on the back of a garment.


The new pieces are in the final stages and we will have them ready at the beginning of the month to send out to you. We wanted to celebrate the Spring Equinox with you and give you a discount code EQUINOX 20 . Please apply this at the check out when prompted.










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