White Chalk Spring Summer'22

White Chalk,

Gorse scattered land,

scratch my hands.

We are incredibly excited to share with you our new collection. We’ve focused on deceptively simple pieces, grounded in form and function, with a cut, drape and volume that take their everyday use to a new place./collections

The collection is inspired by our lives here in Dorset. We have a piece of land that we will no doubt spend the rest of our lives working on. Everywhere we look there are jobs to be done, wild bits to cut back, seeds to be sewn and sheep to attempt to corral.

These are pieces that we wear daily, when working the land or in the city, juggling our two small wildling children. These are pieces that you can throw on but make you feel considered and comfortable. Large, reinforced pockets for tools and deep dress and skirt pockets, sleeves that can be buttoned up to the top of your arms.

We’re constantly drawn to objects that are functional and the honest beauty in that. The apron featured quite heavily in this collection of trousers - the wrap allows movement and the cut feels refined and elevated. The dress and skirt allow you to tie them in the front or back. We’re drawn to the subversive power of secret pockets on the back of a garment.

Malcolm Seal - Gardener, Basket Maker and Sheep Owner

It is often the case, within the gardening world at least that one generous word directs you towards another humble being, someone else who has trodden familiar ground and has shared sensibilities.

In her infamous garden in Kent Matt took great pleasure in talking to Charlotte Molesworth. On explaining the imminent move to Dorset one person Charlotte reeled about was British basket maker, gardener and "owner of sheep" Malcolm Seal.

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Malcolm wears our Merino Sub Mariner in Navy

Photo credit Edd Horder

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