Wright + Doyle is an interdisciplinary brand drawing on principles of a strong visual relationship between workwear, objects, landscape and garden.

  • Carali McCall for Wright + Doyle

    To celebrate our spring summer collection, we invited performance artist Carali McCall to stay at our home in west Dorset for a residency, where we captured her in practice wearing Wright + Doyle.

    "I am drawn to Carali’s practice and to her kinetic energy. The elements that ground me are prevalent in her work. Soil, earth, rocks, chunks of charcoal , the binding tension that is created between the body and rubber restraints that she works with, the physicality of the circle draws in her performance. All strike a profound cord within me and echo what I was experiencing through my own process" – Izabella Doyle

    Carali will be joining us at Blunk Space on the JB Blunk Estate, California this April.

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