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Bird House

Bird House

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We stumbled upon Jonathan Garratt’s work whilst exploring our new territory in Dorset and it’s surrounds.

His studio — crammed full of books on African art, neolithic weapons, ancient Chinese pottery alongside stacks of records — drew us in and we ended up staying and talking for hours.

Jonathan previously studied archeology, and this background informed his unique process within his current creative practice. He is one of the few if not only potters in the UK to dig, refine and make his own clay. It's a long 2 year process, that he explains makes a far more mailable and soft clay. Each piece is then wood fired in his own hand built kiln.

This bird house is inspired by the African Weaver birds nest. Each house has its own unique pattern. It has 1 entrance for the birds to enter and exit from. On the back there is a hole upon which to mount it to a tree or wall.

It is 30cm in height.

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