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Japanese Hand Forged Secateurs

Japanese Hand Forged Secateurs

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 Yamagata Uchihamono has a long history, and when Shiba Kaneyori (the founder of Mogami Yoshiaki) joined Yamagata in the first year of Enbun (1356) during the Muromachi period, a blacksmith village was formed by his servants, and armour It is said that it started with the production of farm tools.

The forge have been working on the current pruning shears for more than eighty years. We have counted up to this day as the third generation 

The secateurs are produced from traditional forging and hand-making is unrivalled in sharpness and sustainability, and has been well received by many users.
Furthermore, its high quality has been scientifically proven (measurement by Yamagata Industrial Technology Center development, sharpness tester KC-4 type manufactured by National Research Laboratory of Metrology, hardness, hardened structure, cutting edge angle and its roughness ...・ Etc) We are confident that you can use it for many years with peace of mind.

Care Instructions- Please wash your secateurs with water and washing up liquid and store in a dry place. 

Cut branches and an angle not straight across in order to maintain your blades and use them efficiently  

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