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Strange Plants 1

Strange Plants 1

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The Los Angeles editor, writer and publisher Zio Baritaux's book featured the work of 25 artists handpicked by Zio, and discussed the role plants play in the artists’ personal lives via interviews and short essays. Flick open the pages and plants appear: photographer David Axelbank presents ‘Night Flowers’, where foxgloves and climbing roses morph into “celebrities caught in the glare of a strong flash”. Another photographer included in the book, Helene Schmitz, goes undercover in ‘Kudzu Project’ to depict the eerie stranglehold kudzu vines have over the southern US landscape

"Just as art does, plants remind us of our human nature in the midst of a sometimes–sterile modern world, and rouse memories with their colours and shapes,”

writes Zio in the introduction to her 2014 book, Strange Plants, the first title produced by her creative agency and independent publishing house, Zioxla. When it launched Strange Plantstapped into a starving psyche: some hidden part of our city–bound, collective consciousness that craved plants.

Strange Plants I is 8.5 x 5.8 inches, 104 pages, hardcover, customizable with adhesives that are included inside.

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